Team behind this great Foundation

It takes a lot of work, and what is unique about Hays County's largest and most succesful festival is we are ALL volunteers. Sights & Sounds has zero paid leadership, and continues to be the shining star of Central Texas as a true example of a private-public partnership, volunteerism, philantropy, and simply giving back.  Though we have many committee members that assist with the event itself, the Foundation is run by the Directors and Ex-Officios listed below.


Elva Zdeb
Elva has had her hands in almost every committee, first joining the organization Drink Concessions Chair, later creating the "Whoville Committee", followed by the Guest Experience Director, which made her an amazing fit for Vice-President and our newly minted President for the 2022 Festivities.
Rick Doria
Vice President

Teresa Lauderdale
Amber joined the organization in 2019 on the Enterainment committee, where she quickly made a big impact and now serves as Secretary of the organization.
Ben Kvanli


Shawn Dupont

Maraya Dunn

Ashley Rose

Raquel Doria

Eric Casillas

David Case
Past President - Ex Officio
David has volunteered for the organization on and off since 2003, joining the board in 2010, and serving as Treasurer, Vice-President, and President for 2 years from 2020 to 2021.
Thomas Curtis
Past President - Ex Officio
Tommy joined the organization as a volunteer in 2003, running concessions for a decade before later serving as President 5 years from 2015-2019.  
Brian Olson
Past President - Ex Officio
Brian joined the organization in 2009 as the Cotton Candy Chair, and served as President of the organization 4 years from 2011-2014.
Jason Dixon
Ex-Officio - Past Treasurer
Jason has served as Admission Chair for 5 years, and serves as Treasurer and officer of the board 2019 - 2023
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